Engineered to
increase responses,
social connections,
and sales conversions.

We create playful but commercially strategic, brand value infused films for online. But making films clickable too means even greater online engagement and a measurable return on marketing or ecommerce investment.

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“People can explore exactly what engages them and respond the moment it does.”

An interactive film production is designed to react to what engages each individual at that moment in time. Interactive films allow people to explore, find what they need, follow threads, customise on-screen products, and generate responses like add to basket, submit email address, sign up, like and share from within one film experience. As a result, people stay longer and do more of those things.


The Interactive Film Company provides:

Brand setting films.
Audience building content strategy.
Responsive consumer engagement solutions.
Touch screen video experiences for public spaces.
Interactive iPad and iPhone film apps
Interactive film production.

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A measurably greater response, from a faster growing audience, who engage for longer…

…means that you can more effectively inform your market, deliver your message and tell your story whilst driving online sales and generating leads. We produce engaging films based on intelligent content strategy. Making our content clickable and touchable is highly effective at converting engagement into measurable, desired audience responses such as share, sign up, and buy.


Touch screens for public spaces.

As well as online and ipad app solutions, we provide touch screen experiences for public spaces like shops, museums, exhibitions, events and conferences. We will be happy to discuss how a bespoke package would work for your particular audience.


OUR MISSION: Innovate audience and consumer engagement.

By combining our understanding of film production, storytelling, gameplay, ecommerce and user experiences we can innovate engagement, get people exploring what we want to share, buying our products, sharing our ideas and having a positively memorable experience of our stories whether they are born of art, culture or commerce.